The OLPRO Beach Hut

We’re always looking for ways to make days away and holidays even better. Our Beach Hut takes this even further. Now you don’t have to even be a camper to enjoy this innovation. You just need to enjoy the beach … in fact it’s such a good product you don’t even need a beach.

The Beach Hut looks fantastic on the beach (You can see more images at but it also looks great in garden.

The OLPRO Beach Hut has been an idea for sometime but we planned a launch for this Spring for the Beach Hut and here is it.

The idea was to create something an adult could stand in unlike those annoying small beach shelters, would hold chairs, be something that could protect children from the sun, have hooks for hanging towels and would …. pop up!

So it’s completely transportable. We wanted to replicate the traditional Beach Hut but have it that you could take it anywhere with you. To have the look still.

We also wanted to make sure it was UV Protected and waterproof … and it had to look like a traditional British seaside Beach Hut.

After years of designing the system of working we’ve got something we are extremely happy with. The OLPRO Beach Hut comes in a 80cm bag. Unzip the top, pull out the Beach Hut and it pops up. Pull out the corner and put it steady on the ground.

If it’s on sand then you can use the sand pockets – fill them with sand and those alone will hold the Beach Hut in place.

It’s perfect as a changing room.

There are hooks on the inside to hang towels and pockets to store valuables.

There is plenty of room for bags, clothes and of courses for beach chairs to get out of the wind and sand whilst you eat.

The rear of the OLPRO Beach Hut has a window which can be closed but means you can views around or close it for changing.

As well as the sand pockets the Beach Hut comes with pegging points and also with guylines so it can be pegged out on grass.

It is available in three colours (Blue, Yellow and Red – not shown here). It’s UV +35 Protected and waterproof and amazingly packs down into just this:

To put see the video of it being put up – and being put away see visit and you can see how simple it is.

The Beach Hut is perfect putting up along the Beach wall or for using with children or just sitting in the garden. It even comes with canopy poles and canopy to give extra cover at the front.

For more information visit our website at or email us at

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