Bottom & Top and Inside & Out

The first two products created by OLPRO are our two essential chemicals that no caravan owner, camper or RV owner should be without.

Bottom & Top is a highly concentrated toilet fluid and rinse all in one.

You put in only 50ml to 10 litres of water so a two litre bottle, at only £9.99 RRP means 40 shots of Bottom and Top in a bottle at only 25p a shot. That is four times as much as other leading brands and at half the price.

You can see from our video how Bottom & Top is used.

When it comes to cleaning we wanted to create something completely new and so created Inside & Out, which can be used to clean every part of the caravan or motorhome. We also use it on cars and I’ve known people use it on horse boxes and boats.

Inside and Out Application Information:

Can be applied by spray, mop or cloth:

Caravan Cleaner: 100ml/ small cup to 5 litres of water. 

Black Streak Remover: Use undiluted. 

Glass Cleaner: 10ml/2 teaspoons to 1 litre of water. 

Wheel Cleaner: Use undiluted. 

Bathroom Cleaner: 100ml to 1 litre of water. 

Hard Surface Cleaner: 100ml to 1 litre of water. 

Fabric Cleaner: 100ml to 1 litre of water.

If you haven’t yet tried then Inside & Out then I would definitely recommend it. It is a fantastic product.

Since those early days we’ve also launched Winter Long and Fresh & Clear but more on those later.

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