Buying a Breathable Awning Carpet for Caravan Trips

Add an awning to your caravan and you create the ultimate al fresco setting to enjoy the best of the British weather (when we get it!). Awnings expand the living space when you are camping or caravanning and the simple introduction of a little carpet can create a home-from-home experience. Pick a decent awning carpet for your outdoor trips and they instantly transform a patch of grass into a comfortable, carpeted area. Read this blog to find out what to look for when you buy carpet for your awning and enjoy happy camping trips in the future.

Can the carpet breathe? There are numerous awning carpets for sale through camping and caravanning stores but not all of them are breathable versions. If you want to be able to take your tent or caravan to any site you like make sure you select a breathable awning carpet. Site owners can be sticklers for rules and regulations and if you place a carpet on the ground that doesn’t breathe you could be heading for trouble. Make sure the carpet is fully breathable and suitable for all sites to avoid any embarrassment when you arrive with your caravan.

Is the carpet going to fit? Measure your awning before you buy a breathable awning carpet and work out the width the length you require. We sell a range of different sized carpets for awning at the OLPRO store and they cover all makes and models of motorhomes and caravans.

Look at the material: The quality of the material is something to consider when you are choosing a carpet for your awning, it should be hard wearing, long lasting and totally rot proof as well.

Is it tent peg friendly? Think about how you are going to peg the breathable awning to the ground. Some manufacturers leave that to your imagination but our OLTex range of carpet comes with eyelets built into the corners so it’s good to peg out right away.
Can you clean it easily? Last but not least, how easy is it to clean the carpet? Muddy camping sites wreak havoc with awning carpets so pick a product that’ll wipe clean in a matter of seconds.

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