Cleaning a Caravan Inside & Out

Last year we launched INSIDE & OUT . Our 7 in 1 Caravan Cleaner.

Like all OLPRO products we wanted to create a unique product, so we launched something we could do seven jobs in one. So, with INSIDE & OUT you can wash the outside of your caravan, motorhome, car – anything. You can use it to clean the wheels, to clean the windows, and as Black Streak Remover. That’s all of the outside bit.

Then you can take it inside and wash down plastic, clean bathroom surfaces, mirrors and most impressively the interior fabric – so seats, sofas, beds – anything at all.

We launched this video last year to show you what INSIDE & OUT could do:

INSIDE & OUT is a fantastic all in one caravan cleaner BUT the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

So, last week we went to collect our old caravan from my parents house where it had stood for ten years!! We fixed it up so it was road worthy and made sure we could make the long drive home with it where it is going to see out it’s days but we wanted to make sure that the old Elddis Hurricane GTX was nice and clean for it’s final trip.

This is how we found it, 10 years since it’s last clean, and now over 20 years old.

Thick with black streaks, mildew, weathered and all together looking very sorry. Every part of the old caravan was dull and most of it was covered in dirt of some kind.

We’d bought the caravan in 2000 and used it for several years before storing it the farm in wales where it’s open to the elements and as been battered and bruised for 10 years. Armed with just one bottle of INSIDE & OUT we wanted to make sure it was spotless before we set off back to Malvern.

Using INSIDE & OUT from OLPRO is easy.

Just put a small cup of INSIDE & OUT into 5 litres of water. That is enough to clean a caravan and thats exactly what we did.

We then put some neat INSIDE & OUT onto a sponge and rubbed at the dirtiest areas of the caravan to clean those spots.

For the rest of the caravan, using a sponge, we washed it down.

It took around 30 minutes to wash the entire caravan on my own, using a hose pipe to rinse it down once I washed the entire caravan with INSIDE & OUT.

The results were incredible with everyone who then saw it not believing it was even the same Caravan.

Using INSIDE & OUT we wiped the tougher black streaks with neat and then only used a bucket full of water and a cup full of INSIDE & OUT caravan cleaner to get the entire caravan – not just clean – but shining.

So, the decals may have faded over time and the interior isn’t as modern as it once was, back in the 90’s when this caravan was launched but thanks to INSIDE & OUT we now have an incredibly clean caravan.

Getting people to try a different make of Caravan Cleaner is definitely a difficult task because use what they use for a reason and often because it works for them but INSIDE & OUT is a fantastic product, as you can see from our shiny – not so new – caravan.

You can buy INSIDE & OUT from all good camping and caravan accessory retailers.

You can also buy from

If you don’t already use INSIDE & OUT then type in ‘ cleanmycaravan ‘ as your voucher code at checkout and you’ll get your first bottle for only £4.50 (and that’s a 2 litre bottle).

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