Cooking a Lamb Roast on the OLPRO Safire

This Easter Bank Holiday weekend I decided I would cook the Lamb Roast on our OLPRO Safire Barbecue.

I knew it would be good but never expected it to be quite this good.

This is what Happened 

The Lamb Joint was 1.5kg and I rubbed it with a mixture of olive oil , black pepper, salt and a Lamb herb mix, from the supermarket.

I put two BBQ fire lighters and 7 charcoal brickettes into the Safire and lit the fire lighters.

When the brickettes had gone white after about 15 minutes I but the extension and the grill plate for the Safire in place. 

I put the Lamb on the Roasting grid on the grill plate with the lid on to cook for 1 hour

After the hour I turned the lamb over and added some new potato’s rubbed in olive oil with sea salt to the moat next to the charcoal pit and added a couple more pieces of charcoal. 

After a further hour the lamb and potato’s were done

Needless to say, the lamb was a real success and all the family enjoyed will definitely be cooking with the OLPRO Safire again.

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