The Outdoor Trade Show 2013

In two weeks time we will be exhibiting at the Outdoor Trade Show, in Stoneleigh. This fantastic show is an event visited by the best of the Outdoor Leisure Trade, so camping shops, Caravan retailers and Climbing, Walking and Outdoor Clothing Stores. A lot of the national companies now attend the three day event which runs from Sunday through to Tuesday.

Sunday is a good day because a lot of independents visit where the retailer/ owner can’t be away during the week and Monday and Tuesday sees the best buyers in the industry come to look at a lot of the best manufacturers in the industry. There are noticeable absences. Some of the tent manufacturers don’t show at Stoneleigh and have their own shows nearby.

This is often done and credited with so that others can’t copy their products or see what they’re up but in truth the industry is small enough that everyone knows what everyone else is up to and if you don’t there’s always some one willing to tell you.

This is the first time we will have been at the event and we’re looking forward to it a lot. As well as our current range of products – Tents, such as the Knightwick, Martley and Wichenford and the famous Witley Windbreak we’ll be showing new products at the event.

We have a new tent range, called the OLPRO Cocoon range which comprises of two new tents for 2014 and these will be shown for the first time at OTS. All we can say is that they are green – but they’re not just one green! You’ll see soon enough and we are planning a preview prior to the show.

We’re also launching three new chemical products to sit alongside our very fast selling range of chemicals for campers and caravanners.

This includes Travel Wash – a fantastic cold water washing product for people everywhere, Wash & Proof and Spray & Proof – quick and easy to use reproofing products.

We’ll have our new Caravan Covers, a new range of lighting and we’ll also be announcing a brand new Melamine design launching for Christmas – it’ll be available from November onwards. All we can say is that it will be called the Bewdley set and will go with the OLPRO Cocoon range of tents – again ensuring you match up your camping experience.

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