The Witley Windbreak Family Camping Windbreak from OLPRO

This weekend we were away at the Shrewsbury motorhome show, which was fantastic. It also gave us another opportunity to use the Wichenford 8 berth family tent which is a fantastic tent for the five of us and, this weekend, an inlaw. The configuration of the tent means it’s easy to accommodate guests.

It also gave us a chance to put up the fantastic Witley windbreak which everyone on the site around us came across and commented on. Featuring the unique witley design, which you can see more of at the windbreak comes in either 7 pole or 5 pole variations.

The 5 pole is 12 feet long and the 7 pole is 18 feet long.

In our case we used the 7 foot one which gave us then plenty of space in front of the tent to put a table and chairs – perfect for breakfast in the morning given how hot this weekend was. It was fantastic to sit outside and eat alfresco.

Alot of people have put the OLPro tent range down as glamping and having had another weekend away in the Wichenford I’d definetly agree. Sewn in groundsheet, thick 5000 HH fabric, and matching windbreak, sleeping bags and melamine – plus the pop up OLPro WC (great for kids) it was a definate home from home.

With this fantastic weather set to last every weekend we’re now away and looking forwatd to them all. See more at

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