Unique Designs & Quality

We started OLPRO in 2011. We all come from the camping and caravanning industry but wanted to create a different type of company to bring in different types of products.

If you’re on a campsite – in a tent or in a caravan – options before OLPRO meant it was difficult to not to look the same as every other person on that site.

We have designed and manufactured a range of tents, melamine, sleeping bags, and windbreaks which are very different to anything already out there.

You can see from our website http://www.olpro.co.uk.

Our three tents, the Wichenford , the Martley and the Knightwick are all red, black and grey so will instantly stand out on any camping site in these fantastic colours. The technical aspect of these as recently won The Martley a place in the Top Ten Tents of the Year from The Independent newspaper.

Our cool windbreaks are also going to be appearing on a famous television soap too soon, and our melamine was listed in the essential products for 2013 by Practical Caravan – along with our chemical range.

OLPRO products are chosen because they are unique.

OLPRO isn’t the cheapest range of camping or caravanning products but our designs are unique so you stand out from the crowd – The Witley and Berrow Hill family of products are unique to us – and the quality of everything is also important to us.

We use 100% melamine in all of our melamine sets and rot proof fabric in our windbreaks. Our chemicals have a high concentration of the things that work and our SMD lighting is guaranteed for five years.

In everything that we do we think about the quality because we want everything that we do to last. That, we believe, is real value for money. Buying something that’s uniquely designed and built to last.

You can always talk to us too! Tweet us, Email us, Call us or even Write to us. We love hearing from you.

You can visit us more about OLPRO at http://www.olpro.co.uk.

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