Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is quickly coming upon us, as it always does. What once was a distant dream is now a reality touching down with a couple of weeks. Now, don’t despair, your friendly neighbourhood Olpro blog post is here to help with ideas for what to get that special man in your life!

The classic… A tent!

Just in time for the big day we have received a big load of stock so we are able to supply all of your camping needs! Whether it be a brand new POP Tent or a big Wichenford 8 Berth a tent can provide a lot of great quality family time and fun. Also, with Father’s Day being the 19th of June it is perfect timing for a spontaneous camping trip!

See all of our tents here

A Caravan Mover

We have now started to stock caravan movers which are a near must have accessory for anyone who is serious about caravanning. A caravan movers basic feature is to accurately move a caravan into required destination such as a driveway or pitch. This device eliminates any physical labour which can lead to injury. The caravan movers that we stock can be fitted on your own, or we can provide a fitter to help.


Melamine is a great gift for anyone who likes anything outdoors. We provide both 16 and 8 piece sets in various different designs. Melamine is better to use outside as it doesn’t smash when knocked over. This is handy when travelling to and from your favourite camping destinations, as well as inevitable bumps and knocks on campsites.

Find your perfect set here

Breeze Awnings

Despite working at a company that largely designs and supplies camping gear such as tents and awnings, I will be the first one to put my hands up and say that I am useless at putting up anything involving poles and fabric. This all changed however when I tried to put up the Loopo Breeze. This awning removes all difficult to use stiff poles and replaces them with inflatable inner tubes. This means all that you need to put up this range of awnings is a pump and a campervan! 

Check out the range here

So here concludes what I see as top picks this Father’s Day! With great weather on the horizon as well I can’t see a better reason to go outside with the family!

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