5 reasons to carry on camping in September

1: Everyone is back at school and sites are quieter and cheaper out of season. It’s still light enough that you have time to head out straight from work or the school run and make the most of a long weekend. Imagine picking your kids up from school with a car full of camping gear, heading off into the countryside, setting up camp and then doing homework or reading a book by firelight. There’s nothing stopping you! And the fresh air and re-connection will benefit everyone after the (sometimes stressful) return to school and work days. Take a look at this blog on microcamping and see how easy it is to factor in a mini adventure.

2: The season is starting to change; not so much that it’s too cold, but just enough so that the evenings are darker slightly earlier (so it’s easier to get the kids to sleep!) and the trees are changing colour. There’s nothing quite like woodland camping in Autumn, cosied up by the fire as the stars start to emerge and you can smell the crispness in the air as you snuggle up in your blanket with a warming drink of choice, before cuddling up in your tent. Remember to take a hot water bottle, cosy socks and hat – as well as plenty of layers for your bed. For more info on how to stay warm when camping in Autumn, read here. space

3: You can get cheaper camping gear out of season. Take a look around and shop for some bargains – lots of people are clearing out their stock ready for the following season, if you’re after a new sleeping bag, tent, or camper van accessories, it’s a great time to buy. Take a look at some of these offers at OLPRO. space
4: The Hygge (Hoo-gah) factor. The Danish concept of Hygge is all about cosiness, comfort and warmth. Autumn is pretty much the most Hygge season of all, as you can enjoy crisp walks followed by delicious pub dinners by a roaring fire, or sausages roasted over the campfire, before retiring to your cosy tent bed. Mulled cider, anyone? Read more about the concept of Hygge. space

5: Hedge snacks – commonly known as foraging. It’s prime blackberry season, and also a great time to be picking sloes, (homemade sloe gin, anyone?) rosehips, damsons, plums, apples, and mushrooms (only pick mushrooms if you’re sure you know what they are – many a fatal mistake has been made in the past.) My kids love picking blackberries on country walks – and refer to them as ‘hedge snacks’ – many a hangry tantrum has been averted by a convenient bramble bush! Find out what’s in season to forage here.

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