Camping at Bestival

Shell is a mum of two littlies Rocco and Valli, and lives on the Cornish coast. She’s an instablogger and creates beautiful images and shares awesome products on her profile, @shellandthelittlies over at Instagram. 

So it seems some of you feel exactly the same as I did and think you’re not campers…well if I can do it you can!

When friends and family heard we was doing @campbestival this year some laughed and the frequent response was …”You? Camping?”

I have to admit myself it’s never been something I thought I’d want to do but having kids and growing up caravanning I know the fun I used to have and the experience it would be for us as a family so I wanted to give it a go!

And….I loved it…we all did! Thanks to our friends @olproeverywhere who arranged our home from home the Wichenford 3.0 which is such a fantastic tent! 

It was easy to get up and down literally taking us about 25 minutes and I’m sure the more we do it the quicker we’ll get! There was plenty of space for us all, the kids loved their bedrooms and Valli even slept until the morning in her room which is unheard of at home! They currently have great offers on tents, campervan awnings and camping accessories, and always offer free delivery.

A few things I was worried about were

1 – feeling the cold, thankfully the weather was good but it did go colder at night, however the tent was lovely & cosy so I didn’t feel the cold at all (coming from me who is always cold that means a lot!)

2. The shower/toilet situation – I had lots of messages about this! We stayed in Camping Plus which is still standard camping but means you are allocated a larger pitch closer to the event. I was pleasantly surprised there were plenty of showers & toilets that were cleaned regularly. The showers were warm and we showered everyday which just makes the whole experience better!

It was lovely to wake up to the sounds of nature and just so exciting for the kids so we’ve definitely caught the camping bug!

We’re planning some weekends away down here in Cornwall at campsites with good facilities so even though I live here you guys probably know better than me the best campsites to visit…I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments please!’

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