Top 5 Tips on Staying Warm While Camping

The changing season is no reason to stop camping – as long as you’re properly prepared. You know the saying – ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’ well the same applies to camping. As long as you are well equipped, there’s no reason not to enjoy the great outdoors right throughout the year. As well as campsites being quieter in the Autumn, you have the added bonus of starry skies, beautiful tree colours, and flickering firelight. We’ve put together a few of our top tips for staying warm while camping. 

1: Insulation. You lose a lot of heat through the ground, so if you’re camping in colder weather be sure to insulate your base. A footprint groundsheet is a great idea; on top of which you could place foam mats or foam tiles, and then on top of that, a tent carpet. These layers will give you the best chance of keeping the chill off your toes. 

2: Protect your extremities. Take thick fluffy socks, gloves, and hats – a lot of heat is lost through these, especially your head. Wear a hat to bed and notice a world of difference. 

3: Tent Heaters. If you’re a fan of the electric hook up when camping, then a tent heater is a great idea in colder weather. Here’s a roundup of some of the best. Tent Heaters

4: Hot Water Bottles/hand warmers. If you’re more of a wild camper or just prefer to be off-grid, then a good old fashioned hot water bottle is a great idea. It will warm up your sleeping bag, taking off the chill when you first get in, and last for several hours. You can easily fill it with your camping kettle and stove. Alternatively, a load of the cheap hand warmers that you snap to activate are a good idea, and they can be reactivated the following day by putting in hot water. A bunch of these will help you to warm up. 

5: Huddle Together! People equal heat. Get cosy with a friend, zip your sleeping bags together or get a double one – and make the most of body heat to stay warm. No friend? Take the dog. 

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