Top Campervan Awnings for 2021

2021 is going to be an amazing time for camping fanatics, with brand new products being released that will significantly improve your camping experience. With the release of our brand new innovation, The Wrap Drive Away Campervan Inflatable Awning, we thought this the perfect opportunity to discuss the best campervan awnings that are coming up in 2021. 

The Wrap Drive Away Campervan Inflatable Awning

We’d like to start off with a totally unique drive away awning that wraps around the campervan to make the most of the space on your camping pitch. The Wrap is great for maximising the living space on your plot and adding more rooms to your area. This really is a fully equipped awning, with so much extra room, you’ll never need any extensions. Enjoy more room for family and friends with a large interior space that can be completely open if you desire. 

In addition, it’s so unbelievably simple to install. Just thread the beading on the tunnel into the awning rail or the Guttering using the Figure of Eight attachment. You can preorder this here to grab yourself a stand out campervan awning for 2021.

Lunar Campervan Driveaway Awning

The Lunar Campervan Driveaway Awning is perfect for a bit of extra space for living and for storage while travelling in your campervan. The main feature of this awning is the extra large windows, which have been designed with a panoramic shape that’s perfect for viewing the great outdoors. While smaller than some of our awnings, this campervan awning leaves plenty of room for tables and chairs, even giving you the choice of creating a totally open canopy for your van with removable panels. What we really love about this awning is the one point inflation, making the Lunar extremely easy to erect. This is a big reason why it has made the list of our top campervan awnings for 2021.

Hive Driveaway Inflatable Campervan Awning

This next awning is one that we’re very excited for. It’s a six sided awning with plenty of living space, including a sleeping pod off to the side. This means the bedroom isn’t taking up your valuable living space, and you can separate sleeping from storage. The Hive awning is also equipped with an impressive five windows that give you a three hundred and sixty degree view of your surroundings. Skylights in the roof fill the Hive’s living area with light, which makes this the perfect campervan awning for cosy outdoor living.

With two access doors, a zippable sleeping pod that will fit a double air bed as well as a fly mesh screen, this campervan awning boasts convenience and functionality, in spite of its smaller size. The Hive is certainly one to watch in 2021.

What’s more, all of these awnings are available to preorder right now. We’re really excited to finally be releasing these products and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do.

We at OLPRO are strongly committed to reducing our carbon footprint and have made significant effort to become a carbon-neutral company. Our goal is to create a brand that benefits the environment whilst also retaining the quality that OLPRO is known for. Shop at OLPRO for sustainable camping equipment.

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