How to Pitch for the Weather

When camping you never know how the weather will turn out. One minute the sun is shining and the next it’s pouring rain. We want to give you some top tips on how you can prepare yourself for whatever the weather.


OLPRO Cool Box for weather

When it’s sunny, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you don’t need to be prepared for the weather, but you do need to make sure that you don’t get too hot! So make sure that you air your tent out to help protect against condensation and ensure that you don’t feel too hot or stuffy.

You may also unexpectedly find yourself going camping during a heatwave so make sure you are well equipped with plenty of water. Storing your food in a cool bag or box will ensure your food and drinks are kept cool during the hot weather.

Make sure that when you’re pitching up your tent or awning, you pitch your campfire or stoves away from your tent or awning to prevent any fire risks and also to avoid getting smoke into your tent.

If you have any highly flammable equipment, make sure that you do not store it in direct sunlight in your car. Your car can get quite warm in the summer months so make sure you store your flammable equipment in a cool and dry place to ensure that no fires occur.


OLPRO OLProofer for weather

When it’s raining it can be quite difficult to feel that your tent is protected form the rain, however, we have some ideas that can help reassure you that your tent or awning is well protected from the rain whether it be a light shower or torrential conditions.

Whilst all OLPRO Tents and Awnings are waterproof, there may be some of you who have had your camping kit for a while and may want to make sure your tents or awnings are well prepared for any unwanted rainy weather. The OLProofer is perfect for waterproofing your tents and awnings and can be purchased on our website for £18 GBP for 2L.

Some of us will know that when camping there can be some accidents such as getting your valuables/electronics wet from a small rip or tear that you didn’t know about before you went camping. To avoid this, we recommend that you pitch your tent up in your garden or garage before going away on your camping adventures to check for any rips, tears and general damage. You can also ensure that all your valuables and electronics are put away in your car or van overnight to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Windbreaks are great for protecting your tent from the elements. They act as an extra barrier to protect your tent or awning from the full force of a rainstorm or windy weather, so we would recommend investing in one to protect your tent or awning.

Take a look at our range of windbreaks on the OLPRO website here.


OLPRO Windbreak for weather

Sometimes whilst camping, it can be quite windy and you may feel as if you’re going to be swept away by the wind! However there are ways in which you can make your camping experience better, such as investing in Windbreaks. They act as protection against the wind and can lessen the amount of wind hitting directly on your tent or awning.

Take a look at our range of windbreaks on the OLPRO website here.

Using a gas powered stove is safer to use than creating and lighting a fire. For obvious reasons, relying on campfires can become an issue when the weather is especially windy, so cooking your food on a gas powered stove is a safer option that you can easily pack away.

The Campingaz Camp Bistro Stove is available on the OLPRO website for £25 GBP.

Wrapping up warm is an essential when camping during the windy weather as it can get quite cold, so make sure you pack for your camping trips with the cold in mind, you might want to make sure you have extra clothes as spares or for when you sleep so you can be extra toasty.

When camping you often take a lot of disposable throw away food bags or packaging, but when it’s incredibly windy, it’s important to make sure that you store everything appropriately to avoid fly away packets and wrappers. We want to look after the environment so make sure that you are conscious of any loose rubbish whilst camping in the windy weather.

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