OLPRO Cookbook

At OLPRO we are always trying to provide you with products and services that can make your camping trips as stress-free as possible!

Mealtime often comes up in conversations on our forums, with people in big dilemmas over what to cook! We’ve seen a lot of people say they tend to keep coming back to the same few recipes again and again, because they know they work, especially when cooking on a campfire. Obviously this isn’t a problem if you’re only going away for a weekend break, but if you’re heading off for a week or longer, then you can really start to get a little bored of the same flavours.

This is why OLPRO have decided to write their own mini cookbook and it’s free to download! It contains 5 breakfast ideas, 6 lunch ideas, 8 dinner recipes, 4 side dishes and 4 desserts. This means you can add a little variety to your usual routine!

The recipes are tailored to cooking on an open fire, but will work on most cooking apparatus, and have been tried and tested by the OLPRO team- you can spot the amazing melamine in each picture!

Just to give you a little taster (don’t mind the pun), some of the meals on offer are a delicious halloumi burger, a yoghurt, fruit and granola bowl, and a chicken sausage pasta recipe, to name a few! 

Halloumi Burger
Halloumi Burger
Granola, Fruit & Yoghurt
Chicken Sausage Pasta

 The cookbook is available to view here.

And if that hasn’t already got you salivating, we are also launching a new range of OLPRO ‘sporks’! The ‘sporks’ are perfect for taking camping, as they only take up the space of one utensil, rather than 3! 

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