How To: Guy Lines

Guy Lines are an essential part of your camping experience. They’re what keeps your tent or awning stable on the ground and support your tent during windy, rainy weather. They are also crucial to adding a lot of strength to your tent or awning frame, allowing it to withstand the weight of snow or heavy rain.

Guy lines are normally located on the corners of your tent/awning, however you may also find them on the walls of your tent/awning. The majority of tents or awnings that you buy will have guy lines attached, however, if you do not have any already attached to your tent or awning, you will see that there are loops around point of your tent/awning such as the corners or walls which are specific for you to connect your guy lines to.

How to tie and stake down a guy line

  1. First off make sure you have all of your guy lines attached to your tent or awning. Make sure they are untangled and ready to pitch with pegs or stakes.
  2. Pick up your pegs or stakes ready to pitch your guy lines and start tightening them by pulling them out away from the canvas.
  3. Next you want to ensure they are secure by applying a stake/peg to the guy line. Feel free to readjust the length and tension that is needed to ensure that your tent is strongly anchored.

We would recommend that when securing your tent or awning, you keep your guy lines straight and parallel with where the guy lines are located on your tent. We also recommend applying your stake or peg to your tent/awning at an angle. What we mean by this is angling your stake or peg towards the tent, as this will offer more support and will not pop out of the ground if there was to be some windy conditions.

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