How to Sleep whilst Camping

Looking for tips on how to have the perfect night’s sleep when you go camping? We’ve come up with some great ways in which you can get a better sleep whilst away on your camping holidays.

.Buy a high quality Sleeping bag

The key to a good night’s sleep is being comfortable and with that comes a comfy sleeping bag. Having a comfy sleeping bag is essential when camping as you want to be warm as well as feel like you’re sleeping in a bed.

You can purchase your OLPRO Sleeping bags on our website now.


Bring Earplugs

Wearing earplugs when camping can really come in handy. It helps block out all sounds such as windy weather, as well as animal sounds. Whilst it can be quite serene listening to wildlife as you drift off to sleep, sometimes it can be a bit too much and not as relaxing as you hoped, so earplugs are your key to a good nights sleep.


Bring a fabric eye mask

During the Summer days when nights are shorter, a fabric eye mask can be really useful. You have to be a pretty good deep sleeper in order for you not to wake as soon as it turns light outside. However, investing in a fabric eye mask is sure to help keep you in the dark and ensure a good night’s sleep without waking up as soon the sun comes up!


Buy a darkened bedroom inner tent

Camping is an adventure and can be a lot of fun, but we all know that it can be a little hard to have fun when you have had little sleep. Buying a tent or awning with a darkened inner bedroom is essential for your camping trips. The darkened rooms really help to cancel out the light outside and give you the best sleep possible, so make sure you get your hands on these tents to have the best nights whilst camping!

All of our OLPRO tents and awnings have darkened bedrooms, take a look on our website here.


Buy a Windbreak

You can sometimes have some very unexpected weather on your camping trips which can make it very hard for you to sleep when you have wind and rain hammering against your tent! However, Windbreaks are perfect for protecting your tent or awning against the elements, so they can be helpful in helping you to get a better night’s sleep.

You can buy your windbreak here.


Don’t use technology before sleeping

It’s a known fact that using technology before you sleep can result in a bad night’s sleep. The reason for this is that the blue light can actually result in alertness and reduces the ability to recognise sleepiness at night, meaning you just keep scrolling and scrolling without realising you are tired. We would recommend either going on an electronic-free camping trip or setting strict ‘no electronics before bed’ rules, to help improve your sleep.

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