Expert Blog – How to make your Camping set-up more Homely

When going camping, sometimes you can be so focussed on packing the essentials that you forget to pack the items that makes your tent or awning feel like a home from home. So we’ve asked our OLPRO ambassadors to give us some of their pro tips on how you can make your camping set up more homely and what you need to pack for your next big adventure.


Natalie Ray recommends that for a more cosy set up you should purchase carpets. “They’re warm and soft underfoot and offer a little extra peace of mind if you have some furry friends that their claws won’t pierce the groundsheet!”

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Nyomi Winter also recommends having a carpet in your set up. When they first used their Tent carpet with their OLPRO Home tent it became “an absolute game changer”. Nyomi doesn’t think that they could go back to not having a carpet as it makes you feel more at home and comfortable.

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Camping Furniture

Shell from Camping With Style loves a great bed set up as comfort is high up on her list, but she also needs the basic camping furniture that will make things seem a little bit more like home. Shell told us she “loves to take decorative items such as fairy lights, bunting, rugs and wall hangings with her on her camping trips” as she doesn’t live in a bland space at home, so dressing up her tent always add a touch of home to her camping set up and reflects her personality!

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Lee Barton from Nearly Wild Camping says that “having a comfortable chair can make all the difference when camping. While the lightweight, space-saving chairs are great when you are having to carry everything, a sturdy, robust chair tends to be much better ergonomically – maintaining good posture and support”.

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Emma Witherford recommends “a good book” helps to make your camping set up more homely. Sitting by the fire with a nice warm hot chocolate and a good book is bound to make you feel super cosy and gives you the perfect opportunity to relax. Emma also recommends giving things a ‘place’, this can really help you feel more at home if certain items have a definitive space on your tent or awning rather than keeping all your belongings in bags. Finally Emma says to ‘make it your own’, much like Shell, you should add personality to your camping set up with items that reflect who you are, as well as items that make you happy and add will help you to relax and feel more at home.

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John and Jackie from say that they love to decorate their set up with “fairy lights, comfy camping chairs and a pillow from home” to give them the extra comfort whilst away! Turning your camping set up to be comfy and cosy is a must and it helps make your camping adventures more memorable if you’ve had a comfy time.

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Cassie from Manic Mum Days says that she loves accessorising her camping set up to be more homely! Ways in which Cassie does this is by “making the space bright and colourful, whether it be with funky plates and cups or with their camping hoodies and blankets!” Another accessory which is a must have for Cassie is bringing pillows from home which give that little bit of extra comfort! Cassie would also recommend having special mugs that you can have hot chocolate in to be extra warm and cosy on your camping adventures!

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Claire from TinBoxTraveller says that she always likes to take a touch of luxury for her camping set up with an awning carpet. Cassie and her family love this because they have a warm surface under foot. They also enjoy a cosy coverless duvet for their Forty Winks folding bed for the extra comfort at night. And of course, “there’s also a few fairy lights around their OLPRO Cocoon Breeze awning, which add a bit of magic for the kids”.

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Home from Home

Caro from the Twinkle Diaries says that she treats her camping set up very much like she does with her own home – “always accessorising to make her living space more comfortable and unique”. Caro has wallpapered and painted the interiors of her caravans, so they feel like a proper little home from home. And Caro always buys fresh flowers to take camping with her, where they sit on the table. Caro also covers the ground sheet with patterned rugs and has hanging plants, fairy lights and bunting in the awning too! “Just because you’re camping, doesn’t have to mean things have to be utilitarian!”

To read all about Caro and her family’s adventures, you can check out her blog.

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