Lightweight Tents Comparison

Owning a lightweight tent can have a lot of benefits especially if you’re an active camper, a wild camper, or a backpacker. We’ve put together a blog to explain why lightweight tents are so beneficial to your camping kit!

Lightweight Tents are incredibly beneficial for taking out and about with you when you’re going hiking or on longer treks, so that you aren’t carrying a heavy load. This is great as it means you can carry more items without tiring out quicker, or worrying that your backpack is going to be too heavy for you to carry.

Another benefit to having a lightweight tent is that it is going to be considerably easier to pitch. Most lightweight tents only sleep up to 2 people, which means it’s going to be a pretty easy tent to pitch because it’s smaller than most tents. Lightweight tents can also be easily pitched by one person which is great for those of you who enjoy solo camping.

To help you choose which of our lightweight tents would be the best for you, we’ve put together a handy comparison of our own lightweight tents that are great for backpacking, solo camping, and wild camping.

OLPRO Ranger

The OLPRO Ranger is great for those of you who are trekkers or wild campers and is designed to be used as a backpacking tent. The ranger is made from lightweight fabric and can sleep up to 2 people. The Ranger also has a handy storage compartment which you can access via a small door of the inner tent.

Weight: 2.2kg

Height: 105cm

Length: 225cm

OLPRO Pioneer

The OLPRO Pioneer is a great tent for those of you wild camping or solo camping. It’s specifically designed for ease and comfort whilst on your camping adventures. It’s incredibly easy to pitch and pack away and sleeps up to 2 people. One of the main features of the Pioneer are the two doors on either side of the tent.

Weight: 1.9kg

Height: 85cm

Length: 210cm

OLPRO Voyager

The OLPRO Voyager is designed for those of you who want a little bit more room on your camping adventures. The Voyager is great for those of you who are taller and need the extra height room. The Voyager is extremely easy to pack away and is great for backpackers.

Weight: 1.9kg

Height: 100cm

Length: 265cm

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