How to Make the Most of the Outdoors this Winter

During the winter period, it can be quite hard to make the most of the outdoors when it’s cold, wet, windy and dark. However, there are a variety of ways in which you can still enjoy the outdoors this winter and we’ve put them together down below.

Activities to do at home

There are lots of winter activities you can do from your back garden without having to go anywhere! We’ve put together some great activities you can do this winter from the comforts of your home that are enjoyable!

  • Garden Camping – A great way to enjoy being outdoors without being too far from your home comforts! We’d recommend purchasing a pop-up tent to decorate with fairy lights, blankets and pillows to make it extra cosy!
  • Outdoor Cinema – Outdoor cinemas have become popular over the last two years which is why it’s a great idea to set up a projector in your garden, pitch up a tent and get cosy to watch a great Christmas movie!
  • Campfire S’mores – If you have the opportunity to set up a small campfire or use a portable fire, you can make your own s’mores in your garden to enjoy!
  • Stargazing – One of the most fun activities to do during the winter months is stargazing! As it gets darker a lot earlier in the day, there’s more opportunity to stargaze. We’d recommend trying to look for the Northern Lights if you live by or are close to an area that allows you to see them!
  • Winter Olympics – The wintertime is perfect for setting up your own winter Olympics! It’s a great way for keeping the kids occupied over the winter especially if it snows!

Outdoor Activities

There’s a large range of outdoor activities you can do over the winter period, we’ve condensed down the huge list into some of our favourite with most of them being free!

  • Visiting National Trust Sites – During the winter period, it can be quite hard knowing what to do or where to go because it’s so cold, however, we’d recommend visiting some National Trust sites as they often have great activities for you to do such as light show walks!
  • Hiking and Hot Chocolate – Going for a hike over the winter period is always a great idea! It’s great for getting you out the house, moving about and enjoying what nature has to offer! Make sure to wrap up warm and then treat yourself to a warm hot chocolate!
  • Christmas Markets – Most Cities and Towns in the UK have their own Christmas Markets which are great to visit for enjoying the festive period and exploring a new town or city!
  • Ice Skating – A great activity for you to do with your friends or family is Ice Skating! It’s great for some exercise and trying out something that you might not get to do very often!
  • Skiing/Snowboarding/Sledding – This activity can rely heavily on the weather and may not actually be able to happen, but sledding is always a great activity to do when it snows! If you live near any skiing mountains, it’s a great way to enjoy what is right on your doorstep, but if not, there might be an indoor centre close to home!
  • Winter Backpacking/Wild Camping – Backpacking and wild camping during the winter is an experience we’d recommend to anyone! Whilst you definitely need to be prepared for the cold weather, getting to experience wild camping in a gorgeous location during the winter is extremely special to experience, even if it’s only once.

We hope that this blog can inspire you to enjoy the outdoors this winter and get you and about!

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