How to: Get The Most Out Of Your OLPRO Travel Bag

Purchasing a brand new bag to take on your travels is always exciting – but how do you get the most out of the space you have? Ann from Adventure Pending shares her top tips for using your OLPRO 44L Travel Bag….

There’s nothing worse than finding an insanely cheap plane ticket only to discover it’s going to cost you twice as much to take your suitcase with you. We’ve all been there!

My first backpacking companion was a 75L bag – this allowed me to carry an unbelievable amount of clothes and save room for souvenirs, but it also meant I paid well above the odds to travel between countries and ended up with a pretty bad back by the end of it.

This year, I’ve decided to sacrifice a few material comforts in exchange for a small, easy-to-transport backpack. When OLPRO launched its new Travel Bag, I knew it was going to tick a lot of my boxes.

The 44L Travel Bag offers a great solution to all my previous travel gripes – there’s room for both my clothes and laptop, the straps are padded for extra comfort, and it’s designed to fit most airline hand luggage capacities. I’ve taken the last few weeks to really get to know the backpack and figure out how to make it fit every adventure – here are my simple tips for making yours the ultimate travel buddy.

Adjust to fit your frame

It doesn’t matter how much padding your backpack has – if it doesn’t sit well, you’re going to end up feeling pretty sore on travel days.

The OLPRO Travel Bag has adjustable shoulder and sternum straps which will help massively – just alter them to fit your frame.

I always make sure to fit my backpack before filling it – this is much easier to do without the extra weight of your belongings. When you’re ready to leave for your trip, it will then be much easier to release the straps a little. It’s also worth taking your bag on a couple of day trips to get used to the fit before packing it for a longer jaunt.

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are a must-have for every traveller. I use mine on most trips, even if I’m only away for a few days. The Travel Bag is perfect for packing cubes as the main compartment is pretty deep.

I’d recommend a large cube for your clothes, then a second for toiletries. I often squeeze in a third cube for smaller clothing items if there’s room. Make sure to stay aware of the weight of your bag while you pack – the OLPRO Travel Bag may be the perfect dimensions for most airline carry-ons, but you will need to be aware of weight specifications too. This is unlikely to be an issue if you’re heading to a warmer destination, but it’s worth checking just in case.

Make use of the compression straps

Compression straps are a backpacker’s idea of heaven. Need to pack a couple of extra t-shirts? No worries – just loosen the straps. Is your backpack not quite fitting in the overhead locker? Squeeze a little extra air out.

There are two large compression straps on both sides of this pack which are very easy to tighten and hold their grip well. Pair the use of these straps with compression packing cubes if you need to fit a little extra into your bag. Compression shoulder straps are also great for squeezing the bag a little closer to your back for a more comfortable fit.

Tuck away your straps

I love that the Travel Bag gives users the option to tuck away their shoulder straps and use the carry handle instead. The straps detach easily and can then be tucked safely behind the padded back-panelling of the bag.

This is a great option for travel days – if you ever need to check your bag into the hold or move quickly in and out of taxis, the carry handle provides a simple way to grab the pack and go. It’s also a great way to let your back cool down a little in warmer weather!

Use the roller bag slot

This backpack is a fantastic travel companion by itself, but it also fits perfectly onto a suitcase or roller bag if you need a little extra space. The unique slot on the back of the Travel Bag allows you to slide the pack onto the handle of another for easy transportation.

I’m really looking forward to the ease of moving around the airport with this bag – gone are the days of tying my pack’s straps together to help it sit on my suitcase!

Waterproof your pack

Yes, it’s essential to waterproof your Travel Bag even if you’re heading to 33-degree weather. OLPRO has built this bag with fantastic water-resistant material, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

A waterproofing spray is a budget-friendly way to protect your pack if you’re ever caught out in bad weather. Give the pack a good coating, then leave it to fully dry out before packing. You may opt to pair this with a good waterproof cover for particularly heavy downpours – this could be stored in one of the bag’s front pockets for easy access.

OLPRO Travel Bag – The ultimate travel companion

The OLPRO Travel Bag is packed full of features to make sure your travels run as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re heading out on a weekend break or planning a year-long trip, this backpack is sure to fit your style. To learn more about the Travel Bag, head over to our product listing.

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