How To: Build An Epic Den

In preparation for the UK's national lockdown, we've been thinking of ways that you can keep your kids entertained (or maybe even you grown ups!).  We feel the perfect way is by making a den. Dens can stay up for months, and provide endless fun for kids.  Normally the first thing you have to think about... Continue Reading →

OLPRO Products For Your Garden

When it comes to this point in the year the weather just isn't as inviting to pack up bags and go on a camping holiday. However, we've put this blog post together to show you that you can still use your OLPRO products, even in the comfort of your own home.  The first thing we use all year... Continue Reading →

How To: Maintain Your Campervan

As we approach the colder Autumn and Winter months, we've compiled a short list of easy steps to ensure your campervan and motorhome stays in tiptop shape, at a time when you might not be using it quite as much. Water Maintenance If you’re going to park the campervan up for a while, it's best to do... Continue Reading →

How to: Pick The Perfect Awning

When you're looking to buy a new awning, there are a few things you should think about first.  The main question is: do you have a campervan, a caravan or a motorhome? If you have a campervan your options are: - Inflatable Awnings: Cubo BreezeMaypoleLoopo BreezeCocoon BreezeCalifornia BreezeUno BreezeHive InflatableLunar InflatableLoopo Breeze XL (Fits Vehicle... Continue Reading →

Simple Camping Recipes

Cooking whilst camping can be challenging, so it's best to have a few recipes that you can count on being easy and trustworthy.  We've thrown together some of our personal favourite camping cooks in the hopes that it might inspire some of your meals! Why not try these recipes on our Campingaz Camp Bistro 2 Stove?... Continue Reading →

New ’10 years of OLPRO’ calendar to raise money for charity

Camping equipment specialist, OLPRO, has launched a calendar that is helping to raise money for the charity, Make-A-Wish UK.The A4 wall calendar features photography taken by OLPRO customers around the world, including sweeping views of the Swiss Alps, the beautiful scenery of German woodlands and the charming surroundings of British countryside gardens. All photographs in the calendar were... Continue Reading →

OLPRO launches new 2021 range of products with eco-friendly tree-planting initiative

News ReleaseFor Immediate Release OLPRO launches new 2021 range of products with eco-friendly tree-planting initiativeOLPRO has launched pre-orders for its new 2021 range of major outdoor leisure products, along with a pledge to plant one tree for each OLPRO product sold.In celebration of the company's 10 year anniversary as a business, OLPRO’s all-new range of products will be... Continue Reading →

Geocaching: Our Tips For Your Adventure

In case you haven't heard of it before, geocaching is a craze that was first founded by Matt Stum in May 2000. Since then it has increasingly gained in popularity worldwide.  So, what is Geocaching? In a nutshell, it is a more sophisticated version of treasure hunting tailored for today’s technology savvy world. It is a virtual community of treasure hunters that share particular details... Continue Reading →

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