A Guide to Awnings

Going away In your Campervan, Caravan and Motorhome can be quite cramped when you don’t have that much space for everything you need on your camping trips. An awning is a great addition to any camper’s kit with the tent-like structure that attaches onto your vehicle giving extra space for sleeping, living and storage. Read... Continue Reading →

Expert Blog – Favourite Outdoor Location

Do you want to go camping this year but you’re not sure what campsite to pick? We asked our amazing Ambassadors to tell us their favourite outdoor locations they love to visit and there’s some pretty good recommendations that are sure to catch your eye. Pencarnan Farm Ambassador, Natalie Ray recommends Pencarnan Farm in Pembrokeshire... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Summer Essentials

Summer is well and truly here which means you can enjoy the summer weather and get out and about! To make sure you’re well equipped, we’ve put together a list of camping essentials to ensure you’re ready for all of your summer activities. Windbreaks When going on your summer adventures such as picnics or days... Continue Reading →

How to Leave No Trace & Backpack Responsibly

[Guest blog provided by Derek from dedwards.me] Backpacking is a fun activity you can do alone, with a partner, or with a group. However, it’s important to be responsible when it comes to hiking through the wilderness. Showing respect for nature is a crucial part of preserving it for generations to come, and that respect... Continue Reading →

OLPRO Cookbook

At OLPRO we are always trying to provide you with products and services that can make your camping trips as stress-free as possible! Mealtime often comes up in conversations on our forums, with people in big dilemmas over what to cook! We’ve seen a lot of people say they tend to keep coming back to... Continue Reading →

Best Places for four-legged friends

Everyone enjoys going away on their holidays, whether it’s a small weekend trip or a week away, it’s really nice to just get away and enjoy yourself. However the one thing that can be a deal breaker for a lot of people is not being able to take their four-legged friends with them! We’ve compiled... Continue Reading →

How To: Guy Lines

Guy Lines are an essential part of your camping experience. They’re what keeps your tent or awning stable on the ground and support your tent during windy, rainy weather. They are also crucial to adding a lot of strength to your tent or awning frame, allowing it to withstand the weight of snow or heavy... Continue Reading →

‘Technical’ Camping Terms

For those that are new to camping, it can be pretty tricky getting your head around the camping lingo, so we’re here to help you with a ‘technical’ camping terms blog! A A-frame – A basic tent shape, the cross section forms the shape of an ‘A’ Awning – An Awning is a secondary covering attached t... Continue Reading →

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