Best Places for four-legged friends

Everyone enjoys going away on their holidays, whether it’s a small weekend trip or a week away, it’s really nice to just get away and enjoy yourself. However the one thing that can be a deal breaker for a lot of people is not being able to take their four-legged friends with them! We’ve compiled... Continue Reading →

How To: Guy Lines

Guy Lines are an essential part of your camping experience. They’re what keeps your tent or awning stable on the ground and support your tent during windy, rainy weather. They are also crucial to adding a lot of strength to your tent or awning frame, allowing it to withstand the weight of snow or heavy... Continue Reading →

‘Technical’ Camping Terms

For those that are new to camping, it can be pretty tricky getting your head around the camping lingo, so we’re here to help you with a ‘technical’ camping terms blog! A A-frame – A basic tent shape, the cross section forms the shape of an ‘A’ Awning – An Awning is a secondary covering attached t... Continue Reading →

How to Sleep whilst Camping

Looking for tips on how to have the perfect night’s sleep when you go camping? We’ve come up with some great ways in which you can get a better sleep whilst away on your camping holidays. .Buy a high quality Sleeping bag The key to a good night’s sleep is being comfortable and with that... Continue Reading →

New Products for 2020

Growing Our Range for 2020 More New Products Than Ever Before.2020 sees the release of some of the most exciting products in the 8-year history of OLPRO.   At OLPRO, one of the few UK based camping & campervan brands, we have added significantly to our range of tents and campervan awnings for 2020 as well... Continue Reading →

Awesome Autumn

Autumn is upon us Autumn is well and truly here, and half term is fast approaching. Although the weather isn’t as conducive to adventures as the summer months, the Autumn colours are well worth making the effort to get out for. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Beaches are wilder and... Continue Reading →

No More Wasted Weekends

Have you ever got to the end of Sunday and realised that you've spent all weekend procrastinating? Pottering about the house, lying in bed, binge watching Netflix and eating snacks? Do you look back with regret at another weekend lost? Here at OLPRO we want you to start making the most of the free time... Continue Reading →

Camping at Bestival

Shell is a mum of two littlies Rocco and Valli, and lives on the Cornish coast. She's an instablogger and creates beautiful images and shares awesome products on her profile, @shellandthelittlies over at Instagram.  So it seems some of you feel exactly the same as I did and think you’re not campers...well if I can do it... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Festival Essentials

Top 10 Festival Essentials 1: A great tent The tent is a key feature that you’ll need for a music or VW festival – but many people go for cheap and flimsy over quality. Do you really want a tent that will leak and break? Or do you want something high quality, waterproof and that... Continue Reading →

Wet Weather Camping

Wet Weather Camping Tips Camping is great. Camping in dry weather is best - but there will undoubtedly be a time when you find yourself far from home, under canvas, and the heavens open. So do you pack up and head for home? Or stay and rough it out, despite the less-than-favorable weather? Read on... Continue Reading →

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